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Find out how marketing automation delivers results

Marketing is becoming a science wed to strategy and creative. It’s turning a guessing game into data- driven action. That’s our space. ID BBN is at the forefront of digital marketing—we’re an international, award-winning digital marketing agency that helps companies thrive. Our brilliant team combines technological know-how with a thorough understanding of B2B marketing processes, strategic thinking and great creative.We use tools such as Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Pardot to bring you truly measurable business results and richer customer experiences.

This is ID BBN

We live and breathe marketing technology

Technology is changing the way marketing works. From focus groups and a vague idea of how well a campaign performed…to data collection, synchronisation and analysis that allow us to continuously refine and improve upon success. ID BBN is at the forefront of digital marketing in general and marketing automation in particular. We live it. We breathe it. We’ll make it work for you.

Oracle Gold Partner

Our main area of specialization within the world of Oracle is Oracle Eloqua, a leader in marketing automation, highly customisable and tops in usability, with one-of-a-kind data analytics and reporting. We use Eloqua to drive prospect/customer awareness and sales both within Finland, the Nordics and around the world.

Salesforce Consulting Partner

We are masters of information—using the rich data within Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud systems for insights that enable us to segment your customers and predict their actions.

Marketo Premier Partner Program

We set clients on the path to marketing excellence with our in-depth knowledge of Marketo, an entire microcosm of digital marketing.

Demandbase Partner

If you need to market in a customised fashion to a handful of high-value accounts, Demandbase is an essential tool built specifically for account-based marketing.

RapidMiner Managed Analytics Service Provider Partner

The more data you have, the more precise your marketing. RapidMiner is invaluable for rationalising and unifying disparate data sets. As an OEM partner, we integrate it into SaaS and ISV software.

Google Partner, specializing in Search Advertising

For many organizations, Google Ads are a big part of B2B marketing. If you need to mount a Google Ads campaign, best to have a partner who employs best practices and has a track record of excellence.We use the following Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Survey, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and Google Search Console.

We are BBN Finland

BBN has over 1500 B2B specialists in 29 countries (and 43 offices), working in 23 different B2B sectors. We share the same proprietary BBN tools and processes across every country and every city. The result is real-time collaboration for global clients across every discipline, from B2B marketing and advertising to digital, media, research and PR.

BBN’s global presence is built upon strong, independent local offices, each with an experienced Owner/Management team. Collectively, they drive the culture and ethos of BBN globally, helping us to deliver the award-winning B2B marketing and creative that sets our agency apart.

International Co-operation

In a world of fragmented alliances, BBN is united by stronger principles and methodologies. We collaborate daily, and a significant amount of our client work involves the active participation of more than one territory. To streamline that process, BBN committed at an early stage to creating world-class, best practice B2B marketing methodologies, processes and tools which have been adopted in all agency locations.

The result is BBN Navigator: the world’s only, truly integrated B2B marketing toolset. It allows BBN to guide marketers through all the challenges of B2B marketing from brand and contact strategy through to campaign delivery. And it helps us, internally, to deliver a tried, tested and definitive approach to local and international B2B marketing.

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