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5 Content Tips: Measure, Analyse, Improve

I like to keep up on the latest trends and ideas across the spectrum of marketing activities. Part of that involves reading up on content marketing, especially important because we do so much of it here at ID BBN. One really good report that I came across recently, published by Ascend 2, got me...

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Generating Demand with Content

How do you generate demand with audiences that may know nothing about what you sell? We all know that good content, be it video or the written word, drives brand preference and helps make sales happen. But content is also what’s needed to create initial awareness. At the Awareness stage of the...

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Going International with BBN

You probably know about BBN, the world’s B2B agency. It’s an organization owned and operated by its member agencies around the world, including (of course) ID BBN. We deliver marketing success across borders, working collaboratively. Together we number over a thousand B2B specialists in 29...

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Content is King

Content is king. Without good content—the things you create that people read, watch or hear—you have a nicely designed website that won’t hold peoples’ attention. Or social media messaging that no one pays attention to. But what exactly is content? There’s a misconception that ‘content’ has to be...

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Agency of the Year Survey 2019 – this is what we learned

Your voice has been heard! The Agency of the Year survey is our most important feedback channel. We make use of the information we receive from it to develop our operations. ID BBN's board of directors and management team always go through the research report carefully and set clear goals for our...

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CMO's role as revenue and customer experience driver

  The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is changing. There are two main drivers behind this change:    1. Because more and more people like to do their own research, marketing is taking a bigger role alongside sales in lead management. Inbound marketing activities and online content...

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The Funnel Is Dead – Long Live The Funnel

If we asked for an apple, and we get an orange, are we supposed to be happy because it’s a fruit? Similarly, as a B2B tech marketer, we ask for leads and instead get a funnel. Are we supposed to be happy?   The B2B tech marketing funnel is considered the holy grail for a whole gamut of marketers and...

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3 Martech trends to watch

Rapid advances in technology are revolutionizing just about every area of our lives and work, including B2B marketing. From creation to distribution to consumption, tech is forcing brands to rethink how we use content. Technology is not going away, so our job as marketers is to stay up-to-date on the...

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B2Bs Fail to Gain Benefits from Marketing Automation

During the summer of 2016, B2BMarketing ran a survey on the use of Marketing Automation (MA) platforms by European B2B companies. The survey was called MA Sophistication Index 2016-2017, and it was completed by 129 marketers.   "Marketing automation (MA) has been adopted by the majority of B2B...

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How to deliver value from marketing automation

Is your inbound marketing process generating high quality leads? Is your marketing automation platform returning solid ROI? If your answer to these questions is no or not sure, you should read this blog post. When I first started using a marketing automation platform years ago, I just jumped into...

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