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ID BBN’s marathon craze

ID BBN’s marathon craze

Published 2.4.2019 by Eija Väliranta

ID BBN's dedicated army of runners has started packing the tracks and trails of Turku. The goal is no less than a half or a full marathon this summer or a year later.

Participation in marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons and other competitive endurance sports has skyrocketed over the past few decades worldwide. It’s a craze that has caught on at ID BBN as well. The props for a midlife crisis used to be big cigars and fancy cars, but now they are just as likely to be a pair of flashy sneakers and a fancy running watch.

It is notable that a very high proportion of converts to these endurance sports are middle-aged men. In Britain, there's even a word for it: mamil, ‘middle-aged men in Lycra’.

Jussi Soro, one of our running enthusiasts, denies any signs of midlife crisis at ID BBN. The marathon training going on is purely recreational. 

– No other sport has a lower entry requirement than running. All you need is a pair of running shoes and you can go hit the road, regardless of age or gender, says Jussi Soro. 

It was actually Jussi’s idea to set a goal for training and encourage all the other runners at ID BBN to join him in his routine and participate in a marathon in the near future. The schedule is flexible – the team might participate in some shorter runs this summer – but the main goal is summer 2020. Then the team wants to participate in a big event, either in Finland or abroad.

– There's a strong sense of accomplishment after finishing a run, whether it's a 10 km or just a short one, and that's proving highly contagious thanks to social networking platforms like the Parempi Vire application we are using at ID BBN, says Saara Parikka, our HR manager.

A runner's worth is often measured by the number of marathons completed – because the marathon IS the holy grail of distance running. However, at ID BBN the marathon objective is to have fun, gain great experiences and build up team spirit. 

As the great Dean Karnazes put it: The marathon is an opportunity for redemption. Opportunity, because the outcome is uncertain. Opportunity, because it is up to you, and only you, to make it happen.

We will keep you up to date on our marathon team’s progress.


Meet our team

Julius Murtojärvi

Age: 30.

Goal: Half marathon, 21.0975 km.

Starting level: Beginner.

Running routine: I’ve been exercising regularly since May 2018. At first, it was more like long walks, trying to get my basic physique in better shape, but now I’m running 3 times a week: One short run, one interval training session and one long run during the weekend.

Will you have a special training plan for the upcoming marathon or half marathon? Yeah, I have been following the training plan that my running application made for me religiously. Now I’m at the basic training phase and during the summer I will start preparing for the big goal by adding a fourth run to my weekly schedule.

Training-log: My training watch keeps a log of everything I do. It’s a great help. It’s amazing to see all the data it collects during the run and really motivating to see how I evolve as a runner!

Suggestion for ID BBN’s marathon team’s namerIDiculous.

Any marathons so far? Before I started exercising I had basically zero experience in running. So, it’s going to be pretty huge if I ever finish any of the big runs.

Best advice for fellow runners: Set realistic goals. My training philosophy is that running should always be nice. Monitor your heart rate, don’t try to push it too hard at first. That’s when you get injured or start to lack motivation if it becomes unpleasant. Stamina comes with patience.

A marathon in which you would like to participate: The very first one that took place in ancient Greece.

Why? I wouldn’t like to run it, but it would be interesting to see in what shape the guy’s sandals were after he reached Athens.


Saara Parikka

Age: 21 (ok, 35!)

Goal: Half marathon, 21.0975 km.

Starting level: Intermediate.

Running routine: Now I’ve been running on a treadmill, but I intend to start running outside again once the ice is gone. My goal is to start running 7–10 km runs at least once a week and then at some point take it up to 10–14 km closer to the fall.  

Training-log: Parempi Vire.

Suggestion for ID BBN’s marathon team’s name: Forrest Gump.

Any marathons so far? A half marathon six years ago.

Best advice for fellow runners: Never give up.

A marathon in which you would like to participateNew York.

Why? Because it’s New York.


Jani Aaltonen

Age: 32.

Goal: Full marathon, 42.195 km.

Starting level: Intermediate.

Running routine: Very, very random. When in the mood, jogging at max speed for 25–60min. Will increase the amount and duration of training for the upcoming event.

Training-log: Currently Sports Tracker & Parempi Vire.

Suggestion for ID BBN’s marathon team’s name: The Maradoers.

Any marathons so far? Not officially. Have ran +20 km multiple times.

Best advice for fellow runners: It’s just pain. Get over it.

A marathon in which you would like to participateMarathon du Médoc.

Why? Looked like it had wine. Thanks Google.


Jussi Soro

Age: 40.

Goal: For this season maybe a half marathon, for 2020 a full marathon.

Starting level: Intermediate.

Running routine: Plug in headphones and start running. Usually 2–3 runs per week, usually 10 km and sometimes 15–20 km.

Training-log: Sports Tracker.

Suggestion for ID BBN’s marathon team’s name: The Running Jokes.

Any marathons so far? Yes, a full marathon once, in Frankfurt. My time was 3:45:18.

Best advice for fellow runners: Running the marathon is quite easy; training is the hard part.

A marathon in which you would like to participateBarkley Marathons (Tennessee, USA).

Why? Well, it’s hard.


Tero Rantaruikka

Age: 45.

The goal this season: To run 10 km without hurting or cursing.

Starting level: Beginner, still learning to walk.

Running routine: Mostly been running to the bus for 25 years, but last year I decided to find some joy in running, even if it killed me. Still alive….

Will you have a special training plan for the upcoming marathon or half? None whatsoever. Just run and try to enjoy it. And don’t break anything…

Training-log: Logging my runs into Sports Tracker and pathetically bragging about my embarrassing runs online.

Suggestion for ID BBN’s marathon team’s name: Sons of Kononen.

Any marathons so far? Just in my nightmares.

Best advice for fellow runners: Learn how to walk first.

A marathon in which you would like to participateThe Dramathon in Scotland.

Why? It’s in Scotland. Hydration is extra important on that run.


Marathon Summary

  • The time required, on average, for a woman to win a marathon is 02:52:58.
  • The time required, on average, for a man to win a marathon is 02:27:55.
  • The average woman completes a marathon in a time of 04:33:09.
  • The average man completes a marathon in a time of 04:08:20.
  • The top-performing age groups in the marathon are female 30–39 and male 20–29.
  • On average 40.2% of marathon participants are women.
  • The most popular age groups in the marathon are female 30–39 and male 30–39.
  • 17.6% of runners who complete a marathon will return to run that same event the following year.
    Source: meteor.run





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