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Tero as a Service (TaaS)

Tero as a Service (TaaS)

Published 21.3.2019 by Eija Väliranta

Everybody wants Tero. That's why we decided to lease him out. 

Thank you Tero for the excellent training! You presented everything in a clear and understandable manner.  -ID BBN customer feedback-

Marketing Automation Specialist, Eloqua Master and Digital Marketing Multi-Tool – those are just a few titles our Tero Rantaruikka has under his belt. Tero is also one of our marketing automation trainers and this role gets him around quite a bit.

Tero started working at ID BBN as a Project Assistant in 2007, and now, almost 12 years later, he describes himself as the ‘odd-jobs man of marketing’.

– It means I do almost everything related to marketing except graphic design and coding.

– The diversity of tasks holds my interest, and it is rewarding to develop expertise in a constantly changing, challenging environment. I have to admit that ID BBN has been an excellent marketing university for me.

Tero’s trainer career started by chance during his university years.

– I've always liked teaching. While at university, I taught photography and darkroom techniques to my fellow students. I noticed that teaching was my thing and I wanted to become a better trainer. I was a member of JCI (Junior Chamber International) and participated in their trainer courses, where I picked up some excellent techniques and tools.

The best way of learning is to discover things yourself

The instructor experience Tero had gained came in handy when ID BBN was introduced to Eloqua in 2011 and the entire company began studying the marketing automation program.

When I learned to use Eloqua myself, I was ready to teach others – both in-house and customers. I still remember the first training session I held: there were 15 people from different Nordic countries and the whole session was held in English.

Tero has been a marketing automation trainer for eight years now. During that time, he has developed an “instructor’s eye”.

– I have learned to scan and analyze my groups fairly quickly: for some people marketing automation program is one of the most important tools they ever use, while some might come to the training session just to pick up a few pro tips. On top of that, there may be a variety of types of learners, motivations and levels of expertise in the group. Oh, and the schedule is often tight.

 Tero has a few tricks up his sleeve for the training sessions.

– I always go through the vocabulary first and make sure my students understand the terms the way they are used in this particular training. The words ‘segment’ or ‘campaign’ might mean a totally different thing depending on where they are used, and this might put the thinking on the wrong track.

– During the training, I let the students do hands-on work as much as possible, because then they use their own brains. The best way of learning is to discover things yourself.

Can we rent Tero?

At the beginning of this year we got an interesting enquiry from one of our clients – the company wanted to have Tero as a Service (TaaS) – as a rental employee.

Our client wanted to instil marketing automation thinking and processes throughout their organization, but it was not possible with their current resources. That's why they wanted to rent Tero and have him join their own team for two days a week, until summer.

Sounds like consulting, but it was not the case this time. “Tero as a Service” means that Tero works as a leased employee, whereby the customer assigns tasks and Tero works as a member of the company's team.

This will benefit both ID BBN and our client: we will get to know our customer ‘inside out’ and that will help us to serve them better. In return, our client will get a fresh pair of eyes, looking at operations and processes from a marketing automation point of view.

This time Tero's know-how and vision will not be transferred to the organization via training, but by actively working on the company’s marketing automation efforts.

– As a new team member, I will need excellent interpersonal skills. I believe my experience as a trainer will be useful in my new, exciting role.

Tero’s tip for today:

– All marketing professionals and marketing students should learn how to analyse and combine data, and more importantly – how to draw conclusions with the knowledge they have gained from it, because marketing experts need to know how to talk with IT professionals. For students, some basic level courses in coding and software development will be a huge asset when entering the workforce. You need to be able to understand the IT world, understand its functions and talk with tech people to share a common goal.

Read more about our MarTech expert and trainer.





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