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Welcome to Wonderland

Published 30.5.2019 by Carl Michener

Wonderland is an odd name for a coworking space, but it makes sense when you consider that the Italian restaurant on the first floor is called Alice

You may have read about our wonderful work environment in Turku nestled in the city’s first electric power plant, now renovated and adorned with art installations on the shore of the Aura River. Now it’s time to tell you about our Helsinki office, Wonderland, in the Machine Shop neighbourhood just north of the city centre.

Restaurant Alice Italian


There are three ID BBNers working full time here in Helsinki—Nana, Tommi and Marjut—and it suits them just fine. Nana walks to work, as she lives 600 metres away. Tommi just moved here from Turku, because the Lapland native and his girlfriend had a hankering for big city living. And even though Marjut lives in southern Sipoo, it only takes her 25 minutes to drive to Wonderland.

The neighbourhood that Wonderland occupies is hipster central, with a coffee roastery/spicery across the street from which an intoxicating mixture of fresh ground coffee and spices fills the air every morning. New buildings and hotels are popping up all around, while old buildings are being reclaimed for new uses. Wonderland itself is not your average coworking space. ID BBN has a distinct office within Wonderland where our two client leads and art director work. But that doesn’t mean they are isolated from Wonderland’s general population. Oh no. Quite the contrary.

Take Waffle Wednesdays, for example. Most Wednesday everyone (not just Wonderlanders) is invited to come and hear a member, an event organizer, a politician or other expert present on a current topic with mass appeal. It's great for networking and afterwards there is a waffle buffet open to all. We also have the option of signing up for free Italian language lessons in one of Wonderland’s meeting rooms with Alice’s chef.

Nana is a big fan of the meeting rooms, which are all themed. Her favourite is Lanson, which is decorated much like someone’s living room, complete with Queen Anne-style furniture and a Persian area rug. Perhaps the reason Nana likes it so much is that Lanson also comes with a brass ‘Champagne’ button on the wall. Press it, and a bottle of Champagne and frosty glasses are quickly delivered. A great way to end a successful meeting!

Libations are the focus on Friday afternoons, when post-work wine and beer are served, along with the occasional demonstration, like how to stand on your hands (not kidding). On Mondays and Thursdays, there is free yoga.

With all of this community action and chances for distraction—oh, did I mention that nude models pose for aspiring artists one day per week? You might wonder how much work our core Helsinki team manages to get things done. Fear not: they are a work hard, play hard lot. We also reel them back into head office in Turku at least once every two weeks to liaise with their teams.

One group that appreciates our Helsinki Wonderland is ID BBN clients. It’s a refreshing atmosphere…and if things go well, the Champagne button is always an option.


Read more about Wonderland work or our Turku office by the River Aura.


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