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Working and learning at ID BBN

Working and learning at ID BBN

Published 7.5.2019 by Eija Väliranta

Front-end Developer Huy Thanh ‘Nick’ Nguyen is one year away from receiving his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Information and Communication Technology at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

However, he is already working and learning at ID BBN almost full time. His hours are flexible, which makes combining work and studies possible.

Nick got interested in martech early last year when our VP, Technical Excellence Henrik Lagercrantz visited Turku University of Applied Sciences as a guest speaker.

– At that time, the only thing I knew about martech was that it combined marketing and technology. When it was time to look for a company to do my Field-Specific Practice, I decided to contact Henrik. After an interview and a few emails, I was in. 

Nick wants to learn more about the important role data plays in predictive marketing and about more efficient ways to capture data.

– The longer I work at ID BBN, the more I understand the term martech. I am interested in how technology and marketing can be combined and how data-driven marketing can tailor the customer experience. 

An amazing eye for a detail

Nick’s main tasks include building landing pages and emails as well as supporting customers. His amazing eye for detail is apparent to workmates and customers alike. But information and Communication Technology is not the only field that Nick has been studying. He has studied Economics as well. 

– I pursued a Bachelor degree in International Economics Relations at Vietnam’s National University of Economics and Law for two years (2014–2016). But then I wanted to change my study plan and focus on the field I am exploring now.

Nick speaks two languages – Vietnamese and English. And since the office language at ID BBN is English, Nick is sorted.

– Everyone speaks decent English here, so the fact that I don’t speak Finnish doesn’t affect my work in any way. The spirit at ID BBN is professional, people are hard-working and seasonally hard-partying too and I like that a lot. The sense of humour at ID BBN is wit-wordplay, topical and observational.

Nick has chosen a set of goals for himself this year – he wants to improve his front-end skills and learn more back-end-related stuff, learn Python, expand his scope of work and check a few boxes in his places-to-visit list. 

– I am planning to travel to Malta or Greece this summer and read a few books: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications and Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. Other than Harry Potter and some comic books, most of the books I read are technical. I especially like books that are published by Microsoft. They are well written and they all seem to have one identifiable feature: a logical flow between chapters.

ID BBN collaborates closely with educational institutes of marketing and technology. If you are looking for an internship or you are planning to do your master’s in the field of Marketing Technology and need some mentoring, you are welcome to contact us: saara.parikka@idbbn.fi.


Name:  Huy Thanh Nguyen

Nickname :) Nick

Age: Soon 23 

Work title: Front-end Developer (Junior) 

Motto in life:  “Run, Barry, Run!” – The Flash TV Show





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