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Hey, let's work remotely – together

Hey, let's work remotely – together

Published 26.3.2020 by ID BBN

Remote meetings have been part of our daily lives for a long time—some of our people work from home on occasion and most do when away on a trip. Now, however, we are all facing a new situation—such large-scale and long-distance teleworking is a matter of adaptation, a special situation that requires new and creative solutions.

The past few weeks have proved that we have a team of people who are rich in ideas and very adaptable. Now we want to share our best remote working tips.

Follow a daily routine

While working from home, it is easy to jump straight from bed to your computer, but a variety of morning routines can be helpful when you start your workday. A short morning stroll, a yoga moment, or even just wearing work clothes will help your brain to get into work mode. Also, in the afternoon, think about a routine that will break up your workday and get your thoughts back into gear.

Anu aamukävelyllä

"I usually commute to work on foot, so I go out for a walk and get well oxygenated before starting my workday. That way, my day starts in a familiar way and I don't stay trapped inside four walls the entire time." 

Marjutin koira

"The dogs wake up at 6 am, after which we immediately start our morning stroll. We listen together to see if there are newcomers singing from the nearby forest. Yes, the migratory birds are now back. Breakfast at 6.30am and a few other morning routines. After seven, we're off for another run. The dogs need to be tired to let me work in peace until lunchtime."

Set up your own workstation

Separating work and leisure is difficult when they are in the same corner at the same time. However, you  need to take care of your own well-being when working from home. If possible, limit yourself to a single workstation area. Having a dedicated place to work makes it easier to relax elsewhere. It's also not good to compromise on ergonomics, so try to make what you had at the office work at home. Unless you already have a standup desk or other fancy equipment at home, you can build one from books, boxes or even an ironing board.

Our digital project managers Tanja and Tiina solved the problem of occupational ergonomics by retrieving big screens and keyboards from the office. When your home office is equipped with your normal workstation, your maintain good posture and your neck doesn't get tired.

Mattis standing desk

Matti's creative solution for a standing desk. 

Remember to take breaks!

When working in the office, breaks happen regularly and colleagues will remind you of lunch if you forget. When working remotely, the situation is different. You may be immersed in work for a long time, and breaks are easily missed. It is important to take a rest, eat lunch, have some snacks and drink enough water.

If you find it difficult to plan your day, make a schedule for yourself. It also helps if you have young or school-age children at home. When you make a plan together, everyone in the family knows what the expectation is and how to manage the time. Scheduling helps create peace of mind while enjoying breaks—without that guilty feeling. You can also do what Marjut did, eat your lunch out in nature!

Marjut roasting sausages

Marjut had an outdoor lunch.

Spend time with colleagues

We all know that it’s important to stay in touch with colleagues and friends even though we cannot get close. In addition to a regular call, you may want to make a video call from time to time, as it allows you to convey emotions better.

At ID BBN we have a lot of video calls, for example through Teams. We even created a "remote work channel" to share moods and gather together as a large group on Fridays after work. The closing moment of the working week is important to us—we need to chat and share—it’s that support and security with colleagues that we crave. You’re welcome to steal any of these ideas—cheers!

PS. Be safe!

With this increase in remote work comes an increased need for security. Our security expert Darren wrote a guide for those of us required to work from home that tells you how to keep yourselves and your company safe.


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