Get ahead of the game

Working at ID BBN is a career-enhancing move. Whether you’re a creative, a technologist or a project manager, you will learn things that others can only dream of. We are not a traditional ad agency or even a traditional digital agency. We are Finland’s modern marketing pioneers, employing the latest marketing methods to provide measurable results. With us, you can gain valuable marketing automation skills, learn to design creative that’s genuinely effective, or become expert at running diverse and challenging campaigns. Wouldn’t you like to work for the biggest clients in Finland and gain experience with truly international brands?

Weird stuff

We combine an amazing group of talents in our projects. There are titles in our calling cards to be thrown left and right, such as Marketing Developer, Data Scientist Trainee, Full-stack developer, Back-end developer, Server Specialist, Digital Production Manager, Automation Developer, Concept Designer, Copywriter, Automation Developer, Art Director, Customer Lead, Office Assistant, System Architect, Business Developer, Managing Director, HR & Digital Project Manager, Vice President and Marketing Automation Specialist just to name a few. Maybe you could bring something new to the plate? Tell us if you think that is the case.

Sweet stuff

At ID BBN, life is sweet indeed. You’re smart, you’ve got it together…so we make it easier for you to do what you do best—and have fun at the same time. We don’t dictate devices. We respect your choices. Choose a Mac or a PC, a laptop or a desktop. You can also pick your favourite phone from a wide selection, using the popular Atea Free Choice service. We have flexible work hours: you work according to your preferences and your situation in life. You also have the opportunity to work remotely. Whether your home office is in Finland or Florida, it makes no difference. We look after your wellbeing with Mehiläinen occupational healthcare. It includes the services of a physician, a nurse, and regular health checks. We use Eazybreak, a mobile app that gives you credits you can use in search of new ideas. Want to see a movie, take in a concert, an art show, or go to the theatre? The choice is yours. Pick up ideas and inspiration wherever you like. You can use it for sporting events, too.

Ideas and experiences

Yes, we work hard. But we play hard, too. Poker nights, cooking, movies, drinks, sporty stuff…the way we figure it, when you spend quality time with colleagues outside of work hours, you get to know what makes them tick. You discover mutual interests. You share a few laughs. And that makes the time you spend together at work a whole lot more fun. It’s also stimulating in other ways. Great campaign ideas are often born of casually shooting the breeze when everyone’s relaxed. For these reasons and others, that’s what we do—we get together and have fun. ID BBN is no place for awkward, once-a-year Christmas parties. We build fun times into our calendar. And when we get together, we let it all hang out. Whatever your passions, whatever your style, this is a place you feel at home.


Have a look at the positions we have available. If you don’t see a place for yourself right now, feel free to drop us a line and send us your CV to We’d be happy to hear from you!

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