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BBN has over 1500 B2B specialists in 29 countries (and 43 offices), working in 23 different B2B sectors. We share the same proprietary BBN tools and processes across every country and every city. The result is real-time collaboration for global clients across every discipline, from B2B marketing and advertising to digital, media, research and PR.

BBN’s global presence is built upon strong, independent local offices, each with an experienced Owner/Management team. Collectively, they drive the culture and ethos of BBN globally, helping us to deliver the award-winning B2B marketing and creative that sets our agency apart.



Our Brand Asset Management (BAM) toolkit provides a proven, effective and highly collaborative approach to brand development and management.


Our Creative Toolbox (CT) includes different methodologies to help us find those ideas that truly inspire our target groups, while continuously boosting the respective brands on all levels. The results are what we call Big Long Ideas.


C-Map is BBN’s proprietary process for multi-channel connection. It gives B2B brands a framework and a strategy to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of campaigns.


Our International Account Management toolkit ensures consistent execution of our proven Go-To-Market strategies to better connect your internal and external audiences.

In a world of fragmented alliances, BBN is united by strong principles and methodologies. We collaborate daily and a significant amount of our client work involves the active participation of more than one territory. To streamline that process, BBN committed at an early stage to creating world-class, best practice B2B marketing methodologies, processes and tools, which have been adopted in all agency locations.

The result is BBN Navigator: the world’s only truly integrated B2B marketing toolset. It allows BBN to guide marketers through all the challenges of B2B marketing, from brand and contact strategy through to campaign delivery. And it helps us, internally, to deliver a tried, tested and definitive approach to local and international B2B marketing.