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Growth marketing

We live in a world that is constantly changing. When it comes to marketing, the change is being accelerated by having access to vast amounts of data. Data-analytics allow marketers to organize the data to make data-based decisions and thus engage in truly knowledge-based marketing. This, if anything, can eliminate the uncertainty that change entails.

Growth marketing enables the success of always on data-driven campaigns. We have created a 20-step roadmap to help you get up to speed on growth marketing. Download your copy today – ID BBN helps you to master growth marketing!


growth marketing guide

What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is based on an agile, data-driven working model and experiments that are conducted in sprints. The aim of growth marketing is always to increase our clients’ revenues, improve their sales efficiency and solve their business challenges.

Growth marketing is characterised by different types of experiments. We test different approaches, and each step of the marketing program – from design to implementation – is guided by insight gained from data. The data quickly reveals to us which solutions work well and which are less effective, thereby indicating which experiments should be further explored and which should be dropped.

At ID BBN, growth marketing is done by our multiskilled team of experts using agile development methods and systematic processes. These allow us to see the results of experiments quickly and target the client’s resources optimally.

We have created a 20-step roadmap to help you get up to speed on growth marketing. Download your copy today – ID BBN helps you keep up with the changes!

Download our Growth Marketing roadmap

We have created a 20-step roadmap to help you get up to speed on growth marketing. Download your copy today – ID BBN helps you keep up with the changes!

What can you achieve with growth marketing?

Case studies offer the clearest picture of growth marketing and the results it can achieve. Finnish retailing cooperative S Group has been a pioneer in the use of growth marketing. Read how they have leveraged growth marketing to boost weekend sales in its chain of S-market stores.


S-market growth marketing

Please note, you need to log in to Vimeo to watch this 20-minute presentation.

Growth marketing experiences from the frontlines

Johanna KoskelaMarketing Automation and Growth Marketing Lead, SOK and Henrik Lagercrantz, VP, Technical Excellence, ID BBN, were among the speakers at Smart Commerce 2021. Watch their presentation How to establish a revenue-driven marketing function – experiences from the frontlines.

Smart Commerce 2021 brought retail and e-commerce players together to discuss common challenges, possibilities and opportunities that can be explored to accelerate their digital change and move from traditional e-commerce models to customer-centric, data-centric, brand-centric, and experience-driven models.

Watch the presentation


Growth marketing – Increase your customer understanding with data

These days, growth marketing seems to be the talk of the town. No wonder—it has been widely used for quite some time already, whereas data-driven marketing is a relatively new concept. Let’s look at what happens when we combine these two marketing concepts together.

My personal experience with using data for marketing is often coupled with my activity in growth marketing teams. For years I worked with clients, using data to deepen their understanding of their customers and provide a better customer experience. Here are some of my key takeaways and learnings:

Don’t try to measure EVERYTHING

Sometimes less is more. When working in a growth team you should narrow down your KPIs to the absolute essentials and track these regularly. Of course, when digging down into the how’s and why’s you should still have access to other metrics to get to the bottom of things.

Communication matters

It is essential that your reports, analytics and insights are presented in a way that makes the information as easy to digest as possible. Remember the basics of communication, that a medium always has two parts; a sender and a receiver, and the information therein can be incomplete or altered while makings its way to the recipient. This is especially important when dealing with data and analytics, where the contents of the message can be challenging to grasp.

Data collection practices are important

Sometimes we encounter a data problem with clients who haven’t standardized their sales and marketing system practices (CRM / MA). The issue here is that data effected by human interactions, or outside automation, is often gathered slightly differently from person to person. The result may be that dashboards or other analytics applications, such as MROI (marketing return on investment) calculations or AI models for sales and marketing, might not function as intended due to the data issue. However, fear not, as this issue can often be solved via a data-cleanup process.

Robert Nygård
Head of Data & Insight, ID BBN

FACE (of) THE FUTURE – what were the key takeaway lessons?

The actual marketing event went, but more is yet to come. We hope you got a lot of useful tools for developing your business through growth marketing. If you didn’t get to attend the event, or if you just want to repeat your lessons, you can always watch and listen to ID BBN’s Henrik Lagercrantz presentation focused on growth marketing.


Growth marketing as a service – naturally from ID BBN!

Through ID BBN, you will have an entire growth marketing team at your disposal, or just the experts you need to complete your own teams. Our professionals bring the latest know-how and practical skills to your company, providing a framework for you to grow, evolve and get inspired by new ways of working.

If you would like to discuss the potential of growth marketing further, please get in touch.

Let’s supercharge your growth marketing strategy together!