Pukkila is a pioneer in the design, manufacture and installation of ceramic tiles, serving both professionals and consumers. The company was founded in 1874, when it was called Turku Kaakelitehdas Oy. Now Pukkila belongs to the international Ricchetti Group, which is one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Europe.

Pukkila wanted to get active on LinkedIn and thus diversify its marketing communications. The goal was to increase awareness of Pukkila's, improve the brand image within B2B target groups, reach the target audience cost-effectively with advertising campaigns and double the number of followers of Pukkila's LinkedIn account in a few months.

LinkedIn was also seen as a good recruitment channel.


ID BBN consulted with Pukkila on LinkedIn best practices and put together a clear activation plan for the company, according to which it proceeded step-by-step.

ID BBN set up a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account for Pukkila. We manage campaigns, handle invoicing, monitor analytics and report results to Pukkila on a regular basis.

For Pukkila, we made use of both organic and sponsored content.

We made use of LinkedIn's various ad formats in a variety of ways and in addition to the target groups offered by LinkedIn, we used Pukkila's own CRM data to target ads.

ID BBN also started producing blog articles for Pukkila's web pages, and used LinkedIn organic updates to drive traffic to them.

Pukkila has an eye-catching website designed to serve both consumers and professionals. Existing text and image material could also be effectively utilised on LinkedIn.

We educated Pukkila employees about LinkedIn good practices and encouraged them to get active on LinkedIn and share content. The effect was further increasing Pukkila's organic visibility.



The aim of the first awareness campaign, which lasted less than a month, was to cost-effectively achieve broad visibility in the selected target group. At the same time, it served to collect data for later Pukkila advertising campaigns.

The ads, designed for two different buyers, performed equally well and the number of ad impressions reached our target level within the entire target group. The campaign's CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) was €13.39; a cost-effective way to achieve broad visibility.

At the same time as the awareness campaign, an engagement campaign got underway. Its LinkedIn ads had a clickthrough rate of 0.89%. (LinkedIn's Finnish Q4 benchmark was 0.43% in 2020.) We used manual bidding to reach the optimal CPC (cost-per-click) level and optimised the campaign accordingly. The average CPC for the campaign was €3.23, with building materials sellers clicking the ads the most—Pukkila’s most desirable target group.

Did we succeed in increasing the number of Pukkila LinkedIn followers? Yes. During the campaign, which lasted less than a month, the number of followers increased by 75%. Now that number is steadily growing and we believe the original goal will be met in the coming months.

High-quality content production and the planning of new campaigns now continue in line with the well-established model and the lessons learned from the campaigns that have already taken place

LinkedIn advertising click-through rate

LinkedIn Finland Q4/2020 benchmark rate 0,43%
Follower growth during the first campaigns  75%



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