Predictive Marketing find patterns humans can’t

Simply put, because Predictive Marketing can find patterns that humans can’t. Predictive Marketing correlates a vast number of data points, finds patterns and identifies trends that people – marketing and sales professionals included – simply can’t see.

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This eBook takes the confusion out of Predictive Marketing
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know whether Predictive Marketing is something that your
organization should consider investing in.

“As an organization’s marketing becomes more sophisticated, marketers start collecting more data on prospects and customers. Then they organize and enrich the data. The final step is to use this data for true predictive modelling.”

”Now we can not only predict what a prospect is going to do based on her
similarities to our customers; we can also develop a pretty good idea of
what existing customers are going to do based on aggregate past behavior.
This expanded use has made Predictive Marketing quite popular.”


Henrik Lagercrantz leads ID BBN’s machine learning and predictive marketing team. He walks you through the basics of predictive marketing.

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Marketing Director Hanna Vesenterä from Atea joins Henrik Lagercrantz. The dynamic duo explains how Atea utilized machine learning in cross-selling challenges.

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“Developing an understanding for the implementation and use of Predictive Marketing is quickly becoming a requirement for CMOs. If you systematically collect data from your contacts and customers, you can use Predictive Marketing to improve almost any marketing or sales-related business process.”

Henrik Lagercrantz VP, Technical Exellence
Head of ID BBN’s machine learning and predictive marketing team

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