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Effective Google Ad Advertising - Fujitsu Case Study


The world-renowned IT brand Fujitsu is known for its reliable, efficient devices that are marketed to both consumers and businesses. However, awareness of Fujitsu in the Finnish B2B market was seen as too low, and therefore keyword advertising aimed at the right target audience was created with the help of Google Ads.

An additional challenge was that the majority of the keyword advertising terms are also used in the consumer market. Targeting keyword ads is difficult when using general terms.


We built a collaboration model with Fujitsu where Fujitsu gave us information about the terms in which they would like to stand out. The actual work started with cleaning up the advertising account and building the campaigns with their ad groups.

After the initial phase, we set out to develop different ads through iterative testing, ruled-out terms, and in this way made ads that better reached Fujitsu’s target audience.

We constantly test keywords and ad versions using a variety of methods. We’ve been able to optimize keywords for general consumer use to specifically serve businesses and work users.

This worked so well because the relationship is based on mutual trust: ID BBN and Fujitsu are partners who cooperate on continuously refining the project.

We review what we have done with Fujitsu on a monthly basis. In practice, this means that we have the freedom to carry out different tests, change the media budget and develop the account in different ways. Fujitsu is always aware of what we have done and its effectiveness.


The results speak for themselves: the CTR rose uninterruptedly throughout 2019, doubled, and continued to grow. Now it clearly exceeds benchmarks set for the industry.

Both visibility and clicks have increased as ads have been refined. A clear added benefit of customized ads for each keyword is that, as the quality of the ads increases, their cost-per-click (CPC) decreases, meaning that we are able to generate more and more traffic to the site, even if the budget stays the same.