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Innovation Summit - Schneider Electric Case Study


In 2018, Schneider Electric organized Innovation Summit Helsinki. The aim was to gather together the best thought leaders in the fields of construction, industry, real estate and energy.

This was the first time that Schneider Electric Finland had organized an event of this scale. The goals were ambitious: Schneider Electric Finland wanted to bring together 500 decision-makers and experts from key companies and public sector organizations in the Helsinki Fair Center.


ID BBN handled the marketing communications for the event: we created the visual identity and slogan for the event, teaser content, invitations, campaign page content, both the digital and the print materials needed on the day of the event. We also collected feedback from visitors.

The theme of the event was Intelligence as a Building Material. Visitors were offered expert advice on business development and building a smarter society.


The summit was a success:

• The visitor goal was exceeded; more than 900 people participated in the event.

• More than 80 SQL leads were accumulated, totaling more than €4 million.

• In a feedback survey, 98% of visitors rated the event as “very good” or “pretty good”.

• 85% of respondents found the event useful for business.

Innovation Summit Helsinki helped increase Schneider’s reputation as a top expert on electricity and energy issues.