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ID BBN's Integration of Marketing Automation with CRM


Consulting and engineering company Pöyry wanted to heat up cold calls: their goal was to more effectively support sales teams by providing them with better and more mature leads.

Pöyry had previously carried out some targeted marketing campaigns, but their old methods had not provided information on the actions or interests of the target groups.


Pöyry’s marketing automation system was integrated with Salesforce CRM.

ID BBN’s expertise enabled a smooth integration process.

Now Pöyry marketing can monitor the actions of their leads accurately, identify the interests of different target groups, and tailor the content to suit each target group, nurturing them towards a sale.


The implementation of marketing automation and the first campaigns have yielded significant results.

2016 saw a significant increase in the value of marketing-generated opportunities within Pöyry’s Regional Operations Northern Europe (RNE) business line compared to the previous year.

More importantly, the value of business closed thanks to marketing-generated opportunities multiplied over the previous year.