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Multichannel Prodec® Campaign – Outokumpu Case Study


Outokumpu is a global manufacturer of stainless steel. Their differentiator is their ability to produce stainless steel grades for any form and almost any purpose. Stainless steel is not a single product—there are thousands of different grades and forms that it can take.

Outokumpu wanted to strengthen the Prodec® stainless steel image in the U.S. and Canada, maintain or increase market-shares and give reasons for distributors’ end-customers to continue using Prodec® over other options.


A multichannel campaign to promote Outokumpu’s Prodec® superior machinable stainless steel bars to the machining industry and existing distributors’ end-customers in the U.S. and Canada.

The campaign utilized marketing automation, landing pages with gated content, emails and social media: both paid ads and organic posts.

Campaign materials were also produced for Outokumpu’s distributor, who used them in organic posts in their own channels. In addition, a U.S.-based machining association invited their members to the campaign landing page.

The LinkedIn campaign was conducted in two phases: first, it targeted pre-selected groups from the U.S. and Canada. These groups were served both LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads (awareness ads) as well as LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, at a later stage.

The audience gathered from the groups was limited in size, so in the second phase, advertising was targeted based on user-listed skills and interests.

GEO: U.S. & Canada

TARGET AUDIENCE: Started with Group-based targeting of CNC professionals in North America. Later broadened to include members with CNC-related skills.

SPONSORED AD FORMATS: LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad, LinkedIn Sponsored Content Image and Video

ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn and Facebook


This was the first time that Outokumpu ran a Prodec® campaign on LinkedIn in the U.S. and Canada. Advertising increased brand and product visibility in the target groups and generated a significant number of leads that also converted further, i.e. continued to the next conversion and downloaded a free guide. Considering all factors, the campaign should serve as a benchmark of success, as it performed well on every metric and exceeded previous benchmarks by a wide margin.

“The campaign has been the best performing campaign at Outokumpu, considering the number of leads generated and the number of visits to the campaign page. The leads represent the exact audience that we wanted to target, which leads us to believe that our image has strengthened in the market, as planned.” 

Nina Lappalainen, Senior Manager – Marketing & Business Excellence

LinkedIn results:

  • CTR remained above 0.6% throughout the campaign (Sponsored content, global Q2 benchmark: 0,51%)
  • 12.4% Lead conversion rate from Lead Gen Form (Lead Form Fill Rate, global Q2 benchmark: 9,38%)
  • The average price of a lead was about 37% below the global average.
  • 53% of the campaign leads came from LinkedIn