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ID BBN's Next Generation Email Marketing Campaign


Atea, the market leader in IT infrastructure and system integration, wanted to emphasize their versatility by branding their service concept for digital signage.

With two partners, SmartSign and Samsung, they wanted to create a branded, turnkey offering: SmartSign’s software and Samsung’s display, combined with Atea’s service.

The goal of the campaign was not only to raise awareness of the new branded concept, but also to double sales of digital signage solutions, and expand into two new segments in addition to traditional IT customers.


In order to reach these potential buyers most efficiently, ID BBN generated an email campaign with content designed specifically for each chosen segment: hotels and chain stores.

The campaign consisted of 2 awareness stage emails for each segment, a campaign page with dynamic content and two nurturing messages.

The contacts were encouraged towards purchasing decision by presenting the benefits and possibilities of digital signage with an inspiring handson approach using successful customer cases, infographics and a downloadable best practices guide.

The nurturing messages encouraged contact and promoted the competitive pricing more strongly.


This email marketing campaign enabled Atea to offer prospects the right content at the right time, resulting in a significant increase in sales. Careful segmentation and utilization of dynamic content on the landing page helped the company bring a new branded concept to new target audiences, all of which resulted in a staggering ROI of 7900%.