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Award-winning international lead gen success – Pankaboard case study


Cap seals are something you’ve probably never heard of, yet there’s a huge market for them across the food and pharmaceutical industries. They are little, round pieces of cartonboard or equivalent material, used for sealing a jar. Open up a jar of instant coffee and look under the cap, and you’ll see one.

Finnish cartonboard manufacturer Pankaboard offers a product that’s custom-designed for cap seals: hygienic, sustainable and readily available fresh-fiber cartonboard for a wide range of cap seal applications.

In Q2 2021, together with ID BBN, Pankaboard set out to build awareness and generate leads among big cap seal manufacturers across Asia and South America with gigantic production volumes.


LinkedIn was chosen as our channel due to its highly specialized options for targeting at specialized companies and the right decision-makers within those companies. Our LinkedIn ad budget was 8 000€.

Our inclusion of China as a target country dictated our choice of ad format: we used single image ads, with English copy, as this way there was no need for a China-specific verification process, which would have been mandatory had we used video ads or Chinese language content.

We chose to set up a sponsored content campaign to build awareness and to direct visitors to the landing page to learn about Pankaboard’s USPs, and a lead generation campaign to offer the audience our gated content, a Quick Guide for cap seal manufacturers, conveniently with a pre-filled form. These Marketing Qualified Leads were nurtured with an email flow using the Sharpspring marketing automation system.

Additionally, we set up a LinkedIn remarketing campaign to reconnect with website visitors not yet converted, followed by a conversation ad campaign offering warmed-up audiences multiple options, including an easy conversion point with a pre-filled form.

Our final conversion point was an order for carton board samples: potential buyers who placed an order became Sales Qualified Leads, to be contacted by sales.


The campaign was a resounding success, winning the LinkedIn Agency Champions Finland 2021 award in the Performance category.

Our cost per click of 1.58€ was well below the global average for senior decision-makers, 5.44€. We generated a total of 85 Marketing Qualified Leads and 16 Sales Qualified Leads. 94% of MQLs and 69% of SQLs came from LinkedIn.

Our cost per lead across all campaigns was 43€ against a global average of 65€. Our LinkedIn conversation ad campaign brought in 11 SQLs at a ridiculously low cost of 5€ per lead.

All in all, our campaign gave Pankaboard what they were after: a foothold in the niche market of cap seals.