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Shift from Traditional Marketing to Modern Digital Era


Outokumpu’s goal is to be the global leader in stainless steel, creating the best value in the industry by being customer-oriented and efficient. In marketing, this means taking advantage of new technologies, services and channels, and shifting the focus from traditional to digital marketing tailored and more targeted to customer needs. The development project started in early 2019. ​

Outokumpu’s product portfolio is the largest on the market and it serves a variety of industry sectors: appliance manufacturing, automotive and transportation, building and infrastructure, and energy and heavy industries like mining, chemicals and machinery manufacturing. ​

Each grade of stainless steel has its own characteristics depending on its intended use. In addition, stainless steel customers look at and compare different grades from their own perspective. Where the buyer mainly values price and delivery terms, design engineers and research and development teams value technical features. ​


Based on information on customer behavior, Outokumpu’s Marketing team began systematic development work which aimed at digitalizing marketing and improving efficiency and effectiveness. ​

Three main objectives were set for the development project: ​

· Finding new potential customers ​

· Closer Sales and Marketing cooperation and reform of practices ​

· Creating processes required for support functions such as monitoring and analytics, and making marketing more data-driven​

Outokumpu’s partner ID BBN is involved in implementing and operating marketing automation, as well as planning and implementing marketing campaigns and long-term marketing programs aimed at finding new leads. Marketing content and ads are tailored to address selected buyers and the development work is done in the four-week sprints together with IDBBN.​

Specific creative concepts and marketing campaigns were created for two different grades, Forta FDX 27 and Supra 316plus. It is worth noting that stainless steel is rarely sold, if at all, by means of a creative concept. The industry is focused on product-based marketing. Since the campaigns were to be run in 20 countries, ID BBN created universal, not language- nor cultural-dependent creative ideas which could be used in any market.​


The goals set for the first two marketing automation campaigns were clearly exceeded: ​

​Leads produced – 50% more than the set goal​
The CTR of LinkedIn ads was 20% better than the industry average​
The opening rate of e-mails was 44% better than the industry average​
The average conversion rate for landing pages was 1.25%. ​

The result is excellent considering the long sales cycles of the stainless steel products. ​

Outokumpu has benefited from the development project and the introduction of digital tools in many ways: ​

Sales and Marketing cooperation has intensified and both teams have adopted new tools and processes. The result is a more efficient way of working that allows for optimal use of resources. ​

Outokumpu’s digital transformation and related campaigns have also been taken into account in competitions. Outokumpu won the Marketing and Sales Cooperation category in Finland’s first LinkedIn Awards and was a Markie Awards 2020 finalist in the Best International Campaign category. ​