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Energized Programs

Our experts will help you to implement the technologies and processes you need to plan more efficient marketing campaigns, reach the right customers with effective content, and achieve better results.

Are you able to organize all your marketing activities to consistently provide a steady stream of concrete and measurable results? Are you designing and prioritising your programs based on what has the biggest impact on your bottom line? ID BBN will help you make the right decisions.

Audit current
programs & campaigns

We can evaluate existing campaigns and processes for better ROI and a more consistent customer experience. Our analytics service helps you streamline your customer journey and learn more about it yourself..

program canvas

From an unknown web contact to a customer – get to know the different buyer personas among your customers and guide them on their purchasing journey. Customer paths can be integrated into the Martech ecosystem.

Run marketing

You do not need to master or operate the marketing technology yourself. We will provide all the know-how and skills you need, including training. If you wish, our team run complete marketing programs for your business.


We attract the interest of selected audiences with highly targeted campaigns. We reach the right audience at the right place at the right time, providing content that brings real value to both prospects and customers.

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