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Predictive Marketing

Our experts will help you to implement the technologies and processes you need to plan more efficient marketing campaigns, reach the right customers with effective content, and achieve better results.

Are you able to utilize data in your decision making?

Are you making marketing decisions purely on intuition? Or are you relying on facts? One of the most important things that marketing technology tools provide is high quality customer data. Predictive marketing uses this data to come up with best next actions when it comes to lead prioritization, retention management, or identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Once we have that information, we can fine-tune your marketing engine by leveraging the power of tools like Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Pardot, Marketo and more.


We compare predictive marketing use cases (churn, lead scoring, etc.) against your data capabilities and your ability to incorporate analytics results into your operations. It’s a process that involves a survey, a web meeting and a workshop. It also requires homework on your part!

Design data

We use our predictive marketing data model as a starting point. We will gain an understanding of your lines of business, key operational aspects, and other requirements. Then we will modify the data model as needed. As with the readiness assessment, this process involves a survey, a web meeting, a workshop and homework from you!

Onboarding and

Putting predictive marketing into practice involves a series of steps: from collecting and preparing data, to teaching machine learning systems, to integrating predictive marketing into your operations. We typically teach you how to use the results in your daily work. It’s an involved process, but the results are impressive.


We can run predictive marketing as a managed service. This involves maintaining and tuning the models, adding new functionality, and incorporating new interfaces to further operationalize the service.

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