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Synchronized Martech

Our experts will help you to implement the technologies and processes you need to plan more efficient marketing campaigns, reach the right customers with effective content, and achieve better results.

Is your marketing technology stack optimally connected, according to your business process requirements? Do your platforms and tools automatically produce data for predictive analytics and reporting? Are you leveraging powerful tools like Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Pardot and Marketo?

Audit martech
and sales tools

We can audit your martech stack to ensure solid contact management, centralized customer experience orchestration, and systematic data collection for insight-driven marketing.

martech stack

We can design a martech stack that meets insight-driven marketing requirements: a synchronized, uniform and centrally orchestrated ecosystem that automatically generates high quality data.

Add engagement

Most digital marketing hubs come with one or two engagement channels. We can add channels according to program and customer journey requirements.

Connect platforms
and data sources

Creating a synchronized marketing automation ecosystem takes specialised knowledge. We can connect all your marketing and sales systems, providing real-time data for insight-driven marketing.

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