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Need a Modern Marketing cookbook for 2019?

January 9, 2019

The turmoil in marketing accelerates. It’s putting pressure on top level decision making in marketing departments once again. Old recipes do not work. To keep the engine boiling, you have to hold onto clear key objectives – the classic KISS strategy applies.

So what does the CMO menu look like for 2019?

You have to watch out for some fresh items while building your modern marketing plate. Connoisseurs have pioneered these items in advanced markets; soon they will be mainstream. Your role as marketing lead is to take your first bite as soon as possible.


Please note this menu has been built with B2B tastes in mind.


Product jargon seldom builds appetite, but sales stories make mouths water. Buyer experiences mix well with the audiences you target.


Dress your narrative in short, easily digestible videos. Do it in your own style – and keep to it! Change your audience’s mind in 15 seconds.


Account Based Marketing – abundant and rich communication mixed with a specific audience always conquers dry and tasteless Key Account Management.


No modern marketing kitchen can manage without right the combination of tools. Learn how to optimise for your nouvelle cuisine.


Your own sophistication is still number one, but do not neglect the possibilities that artificial intelligence can add.  The magic of machine learning is here – and putting it to use is simpler than you might have expected.
Download our E-book on predictive marketing and learn more.
Keep It Simple! All contemporary marketing recipes can easily become complicated in a kitchen stuffed with high tech. Your objectives should be crystal clear, centred around what a deeply engaged customers look like and what keeps them loyal to you.


If you would like to consult the Chef yourself, you can reach him here: