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Agency of the Year Survey 2019 – this is what we learned

March 7, 2019

Your voice has been heard!

The Agency of the Year survey is our most important feedback channel. We make use of the information we receive from it to develop our operations. ID BBN’s board of directors and management team always go through the research report carefully and set clear goals for our operations. The feedback we receive from our customers is therefore directly reflected in what we do.

This year, in the Agency of the Year Survey, we were evaluated by as many as 27 customers – a considerable number. A big thank you to all the respondents. The perceptive feedback we receive helps us pay attention to the details that have been overlooked.


Lessons learned from the previous year

Last year, the first time we participated in the survey, we were among the top five in our category. It came as a bit of a surprise to find out how much more customers wanted to communicate and keep in touch with us. You wanted an active and open conversation. And that suits us just fine. Now we have increased the number of team days – time spent getting familiar with each other, make communication easier. Customer team days have become popular and anticipated, so we’ve decided to keep up this very good habit.

The results of the previous year also revealed that we had kept our creative side well hidden. Some of our long-term customers did not even know that we offered creative solutions. After we got over the embarrassment, we decided to improve the situation – we made a showreel aimed at our key customers and demonstrated proactivity by creating spectacular showcase campaigns.


New, improved results

The 2018 report revealed that we needed to be more proactive about getting together with clients and showcasing our creativity. We paid attention to both right away and we can see the results in the 2019 report. Our ratings for creativity, foresight, and initiative improved dramatically. In fact, we managed to raise our ratings in almost all categories; only our strategic expertise was given the same marks as the previous year.

The results of this year’s research showed that we are increasingly expected to offer services that combine technology, channels, content, and data. Marketing automation expertise is not enough – customers want us to manage entire programs. We have acknowledged the demand and we will fill out our expert team with new talents and further increase our offering. As they did last year, this year’s research results and feedback will continue to guide our actions and support our ongoing strategy process.


Marketing Technology Agencies – an ever-growing category

This year, there were 11 agencies in the Marketing Technology Agency category of the Agency of the Year 2019 Survey. An increasing number of marketing and sales processes rely on technology, and therefore a greater share of the marketing budget is directed towards technology expertise. It is likely that this category will grow year over year.

Influencing and communication happen online, where technological capability is required – both from companies and from the agencies serving them – in order to stand out. We believe that very soon all marketing agencies will be marketing technology agencies, and the word technology will be taken for granted. Marketers must be able to utilize technology to market well.

So, we are pleased to witness the growth of our category, as it is a sign of deepening and expanding marketing technology expertise. Our business environment forces us to maintain a high level of expertise – buyer expertise is growing quickly, which means that the most skilled agencies will stand out.


About the survey

In Sweden, Årets Byrå is the most important survey in the marketing sector, and it has succeeded in increasing the appreciation of marketing among the companies that the sector serves. The appreciation, in turn, has increased marketing investments that have boosted business growth. In Finland, the aim of the Agency of the Year survey is to develop and promote the competence of marketing communications and to increase the appreciation of the industry.

  • This year, 61 agencies participated in the Agency of the Year survey in Finland. Last year there were 56 participants. This was the third time the survey was sent out in Finland.
  • This year there were 11 agencies in the Marketing Technology category. ID BBN ranked 6th in the overall score.
  • The survey explores the satisfaction of customers buying marketing, advertising, and communications services. This year, 830 marketing communications professionals responded to the survey.
  • Research agency Norstat Finland is responsible for the implementation of the research. Alma Media is a research and competition partner.


More information in Finnish:

Vuoden Toimisto


Customer feedback on ID BBN from the Agency of the Year 2019 survey

I have never encountered an agency on which I can rely fully for project management with 100% certainty that everything will be completed according to the project plan and on schedule. Even the smallest details are always taken into account and projects go well. [ID BBN] is able to engage actively with relevant stakeholders and collaborate with other suppliers without having me to be involved in the discussion at all times.


[ID BBN has a] comprehensive understanding of digital technologies and the potential they offer. [They] stay up to date, follows trends and embrace new technologies. Proactive working method. For once I feel like I am truly co-working with an agency.


Excellent technology knowledge and expertise. But more importantly, they can see the big picture and manage campaigns as a whole.


[ID BBN] is able to suggest out of the box ideas and can produce content that supports the company’s story and goals.


A proactive agency that is able to present process development suggestions in situations we have not even thought about. Adopts new technology quickly and wants to be at the forefront of bringing new technological solutions to their customers.


[ID BBN] has plenty of experience and knowledge to support our goals efficiently.