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Customers want answers right away – online

February 8, 2021

We have less and less time to do things. The fast eat the lunch of the slow, in one field if not another. How does this affect the work of marketing and sales professionals?

In my three-part blog series, I take a deep look at time. How are the constant acceleration of processes and the shrinking of time allocations reflected in our industry? In this, the first blog in the series, I look at external drivers and the resulting trends .

Trend 1. Things need to be completed right away. All delays must be removed between idea, solution and implementation. The first measurement of results is expected within hours of the start of the marketing program.

Trend 2. Retrieving customer information from different systems slows down processes and delays must be eliminated. The customer assumes that the service provider knows what he/she has bought in the past and what he/she is looking for now. The customer can also expect the service provider to promise to deliver the goods or service immediately, on better terms. Therefore, master data, data lakes and customer data platforms are now playing an increasingly important role.

Trend 3. All the data a company has collected in its servers and clouds needs to be transformed into a dynamically exploitable resource in the spirit of a seamless customer experience. You should start doing this right away, as your competitors will do it anyway.

Trend 4. As the time window decreases, so does distance. ON24 – one of the most common webinar services – reports 170% growth during the coronavirus pandemic. Beforehand, only 20% of companies used video conferencing services. Now 90% do.

Trend 5. It no longer matters where you do business; you can’t meet face to face, not in person anyway. Services are purchased around the table at the summer cottage from a supplier who is working hard in another cottage, or in a home office built into a (cold) sauna.  It is certain that in-person shows and seminars will never return to their former glory. Events will be multi-channel from now on.

Trend 6. The digital transformation shifted from vision and design directly to implementation, dictated by compulsion. Remote sales meetings broke through at once – and with brand new levels of efficiency!

Trend 7. Marketing staff costs are cut and investments are made in automation. The transparency we are now used to seeing in transportation is expanding to cover the entire supply chain and from there on to manufacturing and design. Different processes are combined and harmonised because people have no time to dig for information from different sources.

Trend 8. Work and leisure time cannot be separated. Click online.