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Eloqua Update C19 – What changes and what features are being added?

August 27, 2019
Tero Rantaruikka

Eloqua updates its platform 3–4 times a year. Now it is time for update C19. Want to know the latest changes and updates?  ID BBN sat down with Eloqua to “talk about” what’s coming up.

–  Hey Eloqua, What’s new?

–   Hello ID BBN. So nice of you to ask. Quite a few things actually. I have been fixing up the place and doing some housekeeping.

–   Sounds like a blast. Anything we need to know about?

–   I am currently moving along with the sunset of the old Email, Landing Page and form editors.

–  Oh, balls……

–  You don’t have to worry. The emails and pages made with the old editors still work, you just can’t copy or edit them. And the HTML editor has not been touched.

–  Phew. What about the form editor? Please don’t tell me that I need to redo all my forms.

–  You don’t. The old forms will still work. But after the first quarter of 2020 you can only edit the processing, but not the fields. And you can’t create new forms with the old editor. So, I would think about converting your old forms to new ones.

–  Cool. What else?

–  I have been improving the help area in the resources, making the email search a bit more intelligent, setting the campaign default runtime to 3 months instead of 1 year, making it possible to report on Dynamic Object rule clickthrough’s, updating the….

–  Wait! What was that last bit?

–  Making it possible to report on Dynamic Object Rule clicks?

–  OMG!! You serious bro?!

–  I am always serious…bro.

–  About time dude!

–  I know. Sorry, it took so long. I have also updated the email editor so you can see CSS stylings in the editor live and align the email canvas to left, right or centre.

–  What’s that alignment thing?

–  You can make the email look like it came from someone’s personal email instead of automation.

–  Sneaky, but effective. That’s all?

–  There is more. To application API I added a new endpoint that enables you to retrieve visitor data by visitor GUID. This request differs from the existing Retrieve visitor data endpoint because it is a POST request that can include up to 200 visitors per request. The Application API Email endpoints have been updated so that minimal depth will return the subject (email subject line). Additionally, using the search URL parameter with a name when retrieving a list of emails, will return matches for name and subject….

–  Are you playing Angry Birds? Pay attention! This is important.

–  Sorry. Go on….

–  Well, your tech people can find the technical details at Topliners if needed.

–  Outstanding! Thanks. And when is all this rolling?

–  Pod 1–2 August 16th, Pod 3–5 August 23rdand 17thfor pod 7.

–  Ok. What the hell is a pod? Sounds like some Matrix shit?

–  Language, please. When you are in Eloqua, you will find your Pod in the URL. Like secure.p06.eloqua is on Pod 6.

–  Didn’t know that. Thanks, mate.

–  No problem. Have a nice week…dude.

–  Thanks, Eloqua. You too. Keep it stable.

–  Word!

–  Word!

“The discussion” with Oracle Eloqua continues. More update news coming regularly. We will keep you posted!

Tero Rantaruikka