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How outsourced marketing and automation saved the Marketing Director

February 5, 2020
Janne Lemmetyinen

As a marketer, have you ever found yourself out of your depth? Tasked with onboarding an elaborate marketing automation tool as well as actually using it? Faced with building a multi-channel marketing campaign utilising several different platforms you have no previous experience in using?

These, and more, are just some of the increasingly common challenges facing marketing directors in the contemporary marketing field. And unfortunately, these types of tasks are ever-changing, so your know-how from a year back may not be relevant any more. This presents us with the challenge of learning the use of these elaborate and often quite intimidating tools by ourselves.


Get a leg-up on the competition

Luckily, companies these days can outsource marketing and utilize external expertise to gain a leg-up on the competition. By choosing the right partners, they can learn to operate in the digital realm with great efficiency. It just so happens that this type of cooperation is at the heart of our business. Experience has shown that a close integration with our clients enables us to share our expertise, teach the use of marketing automation tools and help with the best practices management of online marketing campaigns.

A lot of marketers are hesitant to purchase outsource marketing. It’s intimidating to think that you’d have others showing you how to do your job. This builds tension even before cooperation starts. What marketers should understand, however, is that a professionally outsourced marketing tool or service is more of an opportunity than a risk. Cooperation like this helps you, the marketer, learn new ways to work. In time you’ll become an expert in performing the tasks that were at first strange or even intimidating.

None of that even grazes the surface of what marketing automation can do for you. You know that old CRM you’ve had for years but aren’t really utilizing? Marketing automation helps turn that old archive into new business opportunities and helps you to start nurturing new leads. But can you implement marketing automation on your own? Few can.


Strategic partnerships benefit everyone

It’s common knowledge that marketing has a more profound impact when it’s a long term effort. One-off campaigns have an impact, sure, but in order to build lasting effect, there needs to be continuity. Experience has shown that the customers with whom we have a long-standing relationship are also the ones that are continuously improving their results, as new methods are continuously tested and new best practices are implemented as time goes on. Customer nurturing takes time and results may take years to manifest. Indeed, when marketing is sporadic and goes from campaign to campaign without a real plan, marketers run the risk of getting sidetracked with disparate messages and missing the real benefit of a strategic partnership and the tailored use of marketing automation.

As it is in our best interest to keep our customers happy, we prefer customer relationships where we’re a part of the decision-making process. This enables us to share our expertise and let you make informed decisions. More importantly, we want to enable you, the marketer, to take charge of your online marketing efforts and back you up with results in the form of unequivocal data. This, of course, helps you to take clear ownership of your company’s marketing and elevate it under your guidance. The importance of this ownership cannot be overstated, as it is the direct opposite of the reason most marketers give for which they won’t even consider outsourcing some or all of their online marketing efforts. They’re worried that doing so will undermine their own position—when in fact it does the opposite.


Take the plunge: outsource marketing

For some, it’s a big leap to admit that there are simply too many tools, platforms and channels for one person to master. For others, it’s clear. When you’re considering whether you need a sparring partner, ask yourself if you would rather be pulling the strings and managing the big picture of marketing strategy or attempting to master every tool yourself. For one individual to even consider all the possibilities, let alone master and manage them–can you fit that into a regular week at the office on top of all your other tasks?

We would be more than happy to share our successes and our operating models with you. We can help you build a marketing automation system to suit your needs. Not only that, but we’ll empower you to do the tasks you want to be doing while giving you the big picture on strategy results.

We are just a few clicks away. Just give us a call!

Janne Lemmetyinen