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Looking to grow this fall?

August 14, 2019
Carl Michener

As summertime winds slowly to a close our thoughts turn to the fall, which for most of us is a busy period. It’s a time for new efforts on many fronts—new products, new sales strategies, new ways of working and learning new skills.

If you’re just beginning to think about what might make the biggest difference to your marketing success this fall, we have four great suggestions.


1. Better content, more traffic, increased sales

If you measure website traffic, there is no doubt that you’re aiming for more and better-quality visitors. To up the ante on content, you will need a content strategy, an editorial calendar and some great, concise writing among other things. Have a look at 5 tips for great content marketing and Generating demand with content for valuable advice on all of the above.

You can also attend our upcoming webinar series: starting September 4th, learn how to generate demand directly from our experts. Learn more and sign up here.


2. Better tools for better results

The martech tools within your marketing ecosystem play a huge role in shaping success. If you haven’t had a hard look at how your martech stacks up recently, now might be the time. After all, the most successful marketing is quickly marrying the art of creativity with the science of data collection and analysis.

If you aren’t sure how much the tools that you choose affect your customer experience, this article is quite enlightening. For some great tips on creating a superlative digital experience, check out this article from Timo ‘The Oracle’ Kruskopf.


3. Gain an expert team member

If you guessed that TaaS meant ‘technology-as-a-service’ you would be right 99.99% of the time. But for one ID BBN client, it meant ‘Tero-as-a-service’ when we leased them our very own Tero Rantaruikka, Marketing Automation Specialist, Eloqua Master and Digital Marketing Multi-Tool. That may sound like consulting, but in fact Tero works as a leased employee, whereby the customer assigned tasks and Tero worked as a member of their team. Read more about it here.

If TaaS or LaaS or even VaaS sounds like a good idea to you, let us know—we would consider it a ‘win-win’: we will get to know you better, which will help us to serve you better. And you will get a fresh pair of eyes to help you look at operations and processes from a marketing automation point of view.


4. Use predictive marketing to boost results

Fall is marketing campaign time. Would predicting churn or cross/upsell opportunities deliver better results? Predictive marketing really works and it’s easier than you think.

Start using the data that you collect to predict customer needs, discover what cross-sell opportunities are going to appeal most to different customer segments, or to swoop in with an offer that’s going to keep customers loyal. Use technology, analyse data and create models for predictive analytics for more effective marketing and more personalised customer service. Learn more about how predictive marketing works here.

Does any of this spark a different but equally excellent idea? {Let us know} what you’re thinking!

Carl Michener
Carl is a content strategist, storyteller and writer. He spent the past 20 years working in client-side and agency-side marketing in Toronto, Canada. A member of the ID BBN team since 2006, Carl’s passion is creating arresting campaigns that take audiences out of their comfort zones. Carl loves anything outdoors, especially adrenaline-inducing gravity sports, having fun with his two kids, the arts, and great fiction.