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Our values are visible – both in our daily work and recruitment process

November 14, 2019
Saara Parikka

We have crystallized ID BBN’s values ​​into four value propositions that are easy to remember and to stand by for each of our employees. They also tell our clients and jobseekers what kind of company they are dealing with.

The importance of corporate culture has been discussed ever since Dr. Elliott Jaques, a Canadian psychoanalyst, wrote The Changing Culture of a Factory (1951). The business world embraced the concept of corporate culture in the late 1980s and today mission, vision, strategy and values ​​are standard features of every self-respecting company.

Mission statements are nothing new. Defining a company’s values isn’t new, either. What is new is that millennials and Gen Z have made it clear that purpose and meaning matter and that they want to work for companies where those values come off the walls and can be felt throughout the halls.

And we have done exactly that.

Our value propositions underline the we spirit of ID BBN and they are reflected and fulfilled in many ways in our daily lives. We have put the crystallisations of our value props into frames and hung them on the wall because we believe that when the value promises are seen by everyone every day, they will increase interaction and create direction and meaning for the work we do here.

I tend to talk about the value propositions during our job interviews also. I tell the jobseeker what they mean and how the value propositions are reflected in our daily work. Sometimes I may ask directly how the interviewee feels about our values. I think it’s fair – jobseekers can decide for themselves whether they can live with our values ​​and whether they fit into our team.

We are genuinely proud of our know-how

For me, our value proposition We’ve got your back is especially timely and important. We want to stand by our employees in every way because they are our most important resource – building this kind of know-how is not an easy thing to do.

Recently we took on a new occupational health service provider. I underlined our needs to them at the very beginning of our mutual journey. For us, it is not enough to provide our employees with medical services only when they become ill. We want to help and encourage our employees to maintain their health at all times. As an employer, we have a responsibility and our employers’ wellbeing is important to us.

Another current example of our values ​​can be found in the webinars we produce. We know our game. We are top experts in our field and genuinely proud of our know-how – and we are happy to share our knowledge with our customers as well.

And when we are praised by customers, we tell the whole team about the compliments and thank-yous. We create wow. Obviously, it’s great to get good feedback from satisfied customers, but at least as great is to share the feeling with the whole team. It is important to acknowledge that our work is meaningful and important.

The values ​​of Finnish working life – perseverance, confidence, courage and purpose – defined in the recently completed The Working Life 2020 project are almost the same as our own. We, too, believe that good work is more than that work and good values ​​make working life humane. It is also important to understand that a successful workplace is built on the collaboration of management and staff.

ID BBN’s value propositions

Saara Parikka