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Thank God it’s (Poker) Friday

October 4, 2019
Julius Murtojärvi

We may not be a traditional marketing agency, but we sure love our traditions! Over the years at ID BBN we have started many new traditions and also let some fall by the wayside. One of the most popular traditions is our legendary company Poker Night. 

A couple of times per year on a Friday we all gather around a round table to hide our enthusiasm behind serious poker faces. Too bad we’re such a lively bunch of people—our poker faces usually tend to be more like joker faces!

The evening usually goes something like this:

1) Timo (our CEO) prepares a delicious dinner for everyone, usually lasagne.

2) Everybody eats to their heart’s content, washed down with refreshing (and typically intoxicating*) beverages.

3) The music starts to play and no, it’s not Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

4) People divide into two groups: those who want to play poker and those who want to hang out or play other games.

5) Poker players go all-in and start to drop like flies.

6) Suski wins but no one’s sad that they lost their money because everyone is having such a good time.

My ‘analysis’ of how the game goes might be wrong since I usually tend to skip the poker and hang out on sofas having great conversations. These evenings are especially nice when there are newbies who are super excited about everything! In such a laidback atmosphere it’s really great to get to know your co-workers on a more personal level. For me that’s the thing – gaining new friends, not just co-workers.

As I said, traditions are very important to us but even traditions never stay the same here. We like to tinker and optimise. At our last poker game a couple weeks ago we broke the usual routine by adding a first-ever beer tasting. (Apparently there wasn’t enough alcohol involved already.) The tasting was a huge success of course (because it was organised by me) and it might just be that a new tradition was born! Or at least I hope so.

But really, it’s all about fun and spending time together. Relaxing after a hard week’s work. So cheers! Let’s all raise our glasses to the great traditions that highlight the many (poker) faces of ID BBN!

* Disclaimer: Of course no one is forced to drink alcohol; it just usually tends to lubricate the spirit and make tongues a bit looser. And let’s face it: we do love our wine and beer.

Julius Murtojärvi
Julius is a talented and creative graphic designer who is well acquainted with the most recent visual and digital trends. His blog posts focus on marketing contests and on all things new and noteworthy.