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Without content there is no targeting

November 4, 2019
ID BBN Guest writer

Companies are improving the customer experience by offering relevant and helpful content to their audiences. Targeting and content marketing are increasingly important to all businesses, but many companies simply don’t have enough material for truly personalised targeted marketing. Here’s what you can do to overcome this hurdle.

A positive digital customer experience is largely built on relevance and getting the right information at the right time. The digital marketing ecosystem tackles targeting with new marketing tools such as automation and CRM. These tools make it even easier to deliver personalised content based on customers’ or leads’ prior behaviour.

In a business-to-business context, content must be relevant to customer problems. Decision-makers are not looking for cool photos or funny texts. Above all, they need answers and help with the problems they are facing in their operations. In other words, they are after instruction, professional guidance and shared knowledge.

The secret of true targeting

True targeting requires plenty of diverse and high-quality content aimed at the right people. If you have only one clear target group and all of your content always focuses on that one group only, there is not much point in targeting, as there is no variation on the receivers’ end. Same goes for content that is too broad: if it tries to please everyone, there is no room left for personalisation or targeting, as the content is universal. Targeting is all about specific content to specific individuals who are likely to benefit from said content. When the content caters to everyone, it actually helps no one.

Having a regularly updated blog on your B2B website helps with search engine optimisation and is a great way to increase the number of website visitors. No wonder—new informational content will drive interested people to your site again and again. With a high-quality, information-centred blog it is also easier to establish thought leadership in your field.

How to overcome the content bottleneck

When you don’t have a huge team, it’s hard to set up and roll out an effective marketing program. This is in part because it takes a lot of time to create volumes of quality content.

To better utilise content in targeting and digital marketing in general, split up big pieces of content and publish them in a series of smaller, well-targeted pieces. Create multiple versions of the original piece and target different groups with different versions. For example, if you have multiple distinct customer profiles, try to match your content to their specific needs. Build content around the problems your customers are facing so that when they search for answers, they will easily find your content.

One good thing about longer blog posts is that they contain lots of information that can be extracted and shared on social media. You can also link to the same content multiple times, whenever the content is relevant. Moreover, a good piece of content can serve as an information page that is ‘evergreened’, or kept up to date with the latest information. The same content can be served in multiple formats as well, for example, infographics, social media posts, blog posts, emails and short guided videos.

We all have the expertise and valuable know-how

Now you might be thinking that you don’t have enough copywriters to create such a vast amount of content. But copywriters are not the only people who can prepare materials for B2B marketing. Each person in a company has expertise and valuable knowledge based on their specific role—each is a subject matter expert (SME). You can ask your SMEs to prepare a piece of informative and helpful content each that can then be touched up by a copywriter and used in your digital marketing.

To fully utilise modern marketing solutions and excel in the digital marketing environment, you should make sure that your marketing engine is well fed with good content. Use the resources that you have available within your company and keep your customers’ needs your first priority when creating content.

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About the writer

Tuomas Pitkänen is a graduate of the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku and co-founder of Hydrohex Ltd, a sports start-up providing water exercise techniques. This ambitious problem solver has marketing analytics in mind, with his left foot in the startup world, his right foot in video production and content creation. Some of his biggest passions are aerial photography and fiddling with custom mechanical keyboards. If you hear lots of loud keyboard clicking, that’s probably Tuomas.

Tuomas Pitkänen received a scholarship from ID BBN for his master’s program and Susanna Juusti from ID BBN was his mentor during the research. ID BBN collaborates closely with the educational institutes of marketing and technology.

ID BBN Guest writer