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Make a Buzz - Demand Generation Highlights

Secure your buziness – webinar series for future buzz makers

Demand generation is a marriage of marketing programs where all the efforts aim to both create a long-term relationship between a brand and a potential buyer, and at the same time gauge and develop a prospect’s purchasing interest in said brand’s products/services.

In our webinar series we take the confusion out of the buzzwords demand generation by explaining them in plain English. In addition, you will find out why demand generation is something that your organization should consider investing in.

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Webinar 1: Demand generation for B2B

The difference between demand generation and lead generation
The elements of good strategy
The demand generation campaign – this is how you do it
Avoid the most common mistakes – practical tips for marketers

Host: Nana Hjelt, Customer Lead
Expert: Samuli Isomäki, Demand Generation Specialist
Duration: 40 minutes.

Webinar 2: The role of SEO in 2019

Standard search engine optimization tactics review
Ever changing algorithms & SEO in 2019 –latest updates
Where to apply SEO tactics?
Learn to integrate SEO into your everyday processes

Host: Samuli Isomäki, Demand Generation Specialist
Expert: Henrik Lagercrantz, VP, Technical Excellence
Duration: 40 minutes.

Webinar 3: Content is king

Content strategy and inbound strategy –what’s the difference?
Designing content for top/mid/bottom funnel
Creating good and effective content on a budget
Do creativity and metrics fit into the same process?

Host: Susanna Juusti, VP, Customer Excellence
Expert: Ville Murtojärvi, VP, Creative Excellence
Duration: 40 minutes.

Webinar 4: Demystifying email deliverability

Why deliverability matters?
Bouncing emails – hard and soft –what’s the difference?
Complaints, blacklists and spamtraps explained
Can technology help you reach the “unreachables”?

Host: Niina Sariola, Customer Lead
Expert: Markku Alikoski, System Architect, Partner
Duration: 40 minutes.

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