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Growth marketing triangle: analytics, creativity & leadership

It is all about growth. And marketing-wise, the fastest way to generate growth is growth marketing – a mechanism to operationalize your data.

Face of the Future 2022 – what’s next?

So how do you turn your data into added value for the customer and utilize the potential within the data in your marketing processes? That is the question every CMO at some point in their career will face.

Watch the recording

Hopefully you enjoyed the FACE (of) THE FUTURE online conference – especially our very own Henrik Lagercrantz’s speech about growth marketing.

In case you missed the event, you can view Henrik’s quite informative and intriguing part here, including basic terminology, best practices, answers, and concrete pieces of advice.

How to design Customer Data Strategy Framework

Open discussion session and think tank focusing on building value from customer data:

Capabilities fueled by data in practice – what are we actually aiming for?
Assessing your current maturity level and building on top of it
Practical challenges and solutions – experiences from the frontlines

Henrik Lagercrantz, VP of Technical Excellence, ID BBN
Robert Nygård, Head of Data & Insight, ID BBN
Markku Alikoski, Principal System Architect, ID BBN

This Deep Dive discussion was one of the FACE [of] THE FUTURE After Party sessions, held in March 2022.

Matti Aalto-Setälä

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