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Digital marketing agencies ID BBN and Luxus Worldwide merge

The new company aims to be among the top players
in Europe in data-driven marketing

Digital B2B marketing and marketing automation specialist ID BBN and marketing technology and digital planning focused Luxus Worldwide, Finland-based globally operating agencies, have started a merger process. The merger accelerates the growth of the business internationally, and the new ID-LUXUS (marketing name until May 1st, 2022) will be a prominent force in the top European league of data-driven marketing. The new company’s turnover is 12 MEUR and it has over 100 employees. Luxus Worldwide CEO Pasi Voho will continue as CEO of the new company and ID BBN CEO Timo Kruskopf will become the chairman of the board.

The new company will have a unique, end-to-end data-driven marketing services offering, combining the expertise of the two successful and growing companies. Services range from analytics, technology and creative to strategic leadership.

“Marketing is in the midst of unprecedented change, where marketing and sales integrate even more tightly. The glue in this change is data, which breaks silos, adds efficiency and enables new value creation to clients. Combining all data-based marketing services under one roof, we bring clarity, strategic direction and data-driven activities in an environment that can otherwise feel complex,” said Pasi Voho, CEO Luxus Worldwide.

Merging is the natural next step – the goal is to be one of the most popular employers in marketing

ID and Luxus have been cooperating on large-scale local and global projects since 2016. The merger felt like a natural step. Employees from both companies have been involved in the merger process from the beginning. In an online dialogue platform, people from both agencies have been invited to communicate with each other and to share their thoughts and ideas. In addition, many employees have been actively participating in the development task forces.

No staff reductions are planned. Instead, the new company will invest significantly into recruiting new team members.

“Through shared projects, it became clear that the two companies share a way of thinking – people first and creating value for the clients in a true partnership – and operate based on shared values. We want the merger to be a functioning solution when it comes to people, culture, business, and our clients. We are aiming at being one of the most popular workplaces for marketing professionals,” ID BBN CEO Timo Kruskopf said.

International interest towards the Nordic way of working and data-driven marketing expertise

The new company aims for over 20% annual growth and predicts the turnover to be approximately 30 million euros by 2025–2026. The company has offices in Helsinki and Turku, Finland, London, UK and a satellite office in Austin, Texas, US.

“We bring genuine Nordic working culture and expertise to the international data-driven marketing playing field. International clients value the honest, committed and professional partner with a we-do-what-we-promise approach. Both Luxus and ID are already truly international with a large portion of revenue coming from abroad. We aim to be a European top 10 player in data-driven marketing by 2025,” Voho and Kruskopf continued.

ID-LUXUS is the marketing name of the new company during the merger process, until May 1st 2022. ID BBN and Luxus Worldwide use their official names until the end of April. After the merger, the company will launch a new name and brand.

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Pasi Voho
Toimitusjohtaja, Luxus Worldwide
+358 50 563 0220

Timo Kruskopf
Toimitusjohtaja, ID BBN
+358 400 216 766

Luxus Worldwide

Luxus Worldwide is an agency, specialised in sales and marketing growth, marketing technology and marketing change, founded in 2001. The company’s mission is to simplify digital marketing and sales operations. Luxus employs over 60 digital marketing professionals in numerous locations all over the world, and in its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and London, UK.

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